CSC plate - sea container

The loading capa­ci­ty of sea con­tai­ners is docu­men­ted via the so-cal­led CSC accep­t­ance or its sti­cker on the con­tai­ner. The vali­di­ty of the badge is limi­ted, but can be exten­ded depen­ding on the con­di­ti­on of the con­tai­ner and any necessa­ry repairs.

A new ship­ping con­tai­ner will be pro­vi­ded with a 5 years valid CSC badge after fab­ri­ca­ti­on. That depen­ding on how long the con­tai­ners are valid for sale or deli­very in the depots 4-5 years. If you wish the con­tai­ner to expi­re, if it is modi­fied extern­al­ly or struc­tu­ral­ly, you may lose the CSC vali­di­ty of the­se containers.


CSC Plakette

CSC inspec­tion

In order to be able to extend a CSC badge, it is necessa­ry to inspect appro­ved test cen­ters / exami­ners. Alt­hough an inspec­tion can be car­ri­ed out on-site, the inspec­tor must have free access to the con­tai­ner (= empty con­tai­ner), as well as the oppor­tu­ni­ty to look at the con­tai­ner from below (= rai­sing the con­tai­ner by the cus­to­mer with sui­ta­ble means). Howe­ver, should CSC exten­si­on not be pos­si­ble without repair, it must be e.g. be repai­red and re-tes­ted in the con­tai­ner ter­mi­nal BASEL.

In a suc­cess­ful test, the CSC badge is usual­ly exten­ded for about 1-2 years depen­ding on the age and con­di­ti­on of the container.



CSC Inspektion

In co-ope­ra­­ti­on with our part­ners in the depots, we can have the con­di­ti­on of your con­tai­ner inspec­ted, make any repairs or extend the CSC badge depen­ding on the con­di­ti­on of the container.


- Sea container


- 20 ‘con­tai­ner
- 40 ‘con­tai­ner
- 45 ‘con­tai­ner


- On-site pick-up
- Cra­ne loading
- Trans­port to the inspec­tion depot / terminal
- Repair proposal
- CSC exam / exten­si­on (if still possible)