Container repairs - sea containers

Con­tai­ners are expo­sed to a wide ran­ge of natu­ral and envi­ron­men­tal influ­en­ces during trans­port and sto­rage. The con­tai­ners are also bur­den­ed by addi­tio­nal loads when hand­ling, as well as when set­ting up and set­ting down the containers

Tog­e­ther with part­ner depots in Basel, we are also hap­py to take care of repairs of sea- and sto­rage- con­tai­ners or ref­ri­gera­ted con­tai­ners (ref­ri­gera­ted sea con­tai­ners) Sea con­tai­ners are che­cked and log­ged in accordance with the inter­na­tio­nal CSC regu­la­ti­ons. After sen­ding the cost esti­ma­te and recei­ving your con­sent, the con­tai­ners will be repaired.

Repair work is usual­ly car­ri­ed out in the depot in Basel. We also take care of the return trans­port to and from the depot, as well as with cra­ne loading and unloading on request.

Most of the work and ser­vices (inspec­tion, repair, clea­ning, etc.) are done in the con­tai­ner depots. The­se are usual­ly loca­ted whe­re empty sea con­tai­ners are tem­pora­ri­ly stored bet­ween unloading and rel­oading. This means in the sea and inland ports, as well as in lar­ger rail hand­ling ter­mi­nals such as Basel

For inquiries about repair or service work, we ask for the following details:

  1. Con­tai­ner­typ
  2. Descrip­ti­on of the dama­ge (plea­se also send photos)
  3. If collec­tion is desi­red, then we ask for the pick-up loca­ti­on and whe­ther we should load it with a truck crane.
  4. Accord­ing to which stan­dard must the con­tai­ner be repai­red (accord­ing to CSC, WWT, …)?

Container repairs


- Sea containers


- 10′ Container
- 20′ Container
- 40′ Container
- 45′ Container


- Trans­port to Containerdepot
- Collec­tion by truck cra­ne (on request)
- Repairs accord­ing to your requirements