Used Ship­ping Con­tai­ners are usual­ly bet­ween 9-14 years old.

The con­tai­ners have light to medi­um sur­face rust and insi­de and out­side light to medi­um dents and abrasions.

So that you do not buy the ‘pig in a poke’ from us, we will search for a used con­tai­ner for you after you have pla­ced your order, take pic­tures of it and send them to you to get your OK. Should this con­tai­ner not appeal to you, we will be hap­py to find ano­t­her one for you.

Befo­re our used sea con­tai­ners lea­ve the ter­mi­nal for deli­very, we make sure that they are wind and water resistant and sub­ject them to anew CSC inspec­tion.n.

Even if it is just a used ship­ping con­tai­ner, it is important to us that it is in order when it is delivered.


Ship­ping Con­tai­ners whe­ther used or new can be found in our inqui­ry shop in various designs, sizes and colors.

On request, we also offer you various modi­fi­ca­ti­ons, logo pla­ce­ments, let­te­ring and the new colo­ring accord­ing to your desi­red color.

We look for­ward to your inquiry.



- Sea containers


- 10′ Container
- 20′ Container
- 40′ Container
- 45′ Container


- lar­ge selection
- dif­fe­rent qua­li­ties (A, B, C)
- Pho­tos to get your OK
- CSC cer­ti­fied ship­ping containers
- many dif­fe­rent colors
- wind- & waterproof