Every trans­port is a spe­cial chal­len­ge, espe­cial­ly in Eas­tern Euro­pe and the Midd­le East. So that it is not an “impos­si­ble”, the right peop­le with the right equip­ment have to come tog­e­ther at the right time and in the right place. With our long­stan­ding and expe­ri­en­ced part­ners for east trans­ports, we can gua­ran­tee a reli­able and punc­tu­al deli­very of your goods.

Hand­shake qua­li­ty - more and more cus­to­mers rely on us!

From safe trans­port to unloading on time. In addi­ti­on to our Eas­tern know-how, we rely on abso­lu­te relia­bi­li­ty, cor­rect­ness and con­tract com­pli­an­ce - our goal is a long-term cooperation.

Regu­lar grou­pa­ge, with collec­tionthroughout Switz­er­land, Ger­ma­ny and Aus­tria, toAlba­nia, Bos­nia-Her­ze­go­vina, Bul­ga­ria, Esto­nia, Iran, Jor­dan, Kazakh­stan, Koso­vo, Croa­tia, Lat­via, Lit­hua­nia, Mace­do­nia, Mol­d­o­va, Poland, Rus­sia, Ser­bia, Slo­va­kia , South Tyrol, Syria, Czech Repu­blic, Ukrai­ne, Hun­ga­ry, Uzbe­ki­stan, Belarus.

Of cour­se, also com­ple­te car­go trans­ports with tar­pau­lin sadd­le and ref­ri­gera­ted truck and also over­si­ze transport.


- Gene­ral cargo
- Dan­ge­rous goods (DGR)
- Ref­ri­gera­ted goods
- Hea­vy- / Over­si­ze goods


- Sin­gle & collec­ti­ve air freight
- Full & par­ti­al charter


- Door-to-Door
- Cus­toms clearance
- Insurance
- Packaging
- Express Service