• 45' High Cube Palett Wide Seacontainer, used
  • 45' High Cube Palett Wide Seacontainer, used
  • 45' High Cube Palett Wide Container
  • 45' High Cube Palett Wide Seacontainer, used
  • 45' High Cube Palett Wide Seacontainer, used

45′ HIGH CUBE PALETT WIDE Shipping container, used

HC PW - Shipping container

(on request)

ISO standardized
Wind- and watertight (WWT)
Valid CSC plate (approx. 1 year)
customs cleared in Switzerland, incl. CH-DUTY!
Plywood floor / bamboo floor

45 Foot HIGH CUBE PALLET WIDE - Ship­ping con­tai­ner is one of the lar­gest trans­port con­tai­ners in Euro­pe. It has a width of approx. 2420mm (+/- 20mm) on the insi­de and the­re­fo­re offers space for two Euro pal­lets next to each other. This ship­ping con­tai­ner thus offers space for 33 EUR pal­lets (1200mm x 800mm) and was spe­cial­ly desi­gned for the opti­mal use of space with Euro pallets.

Thanks to the robust, dura­ble and stack­able pro­per­ties of ship­ping con­tai­ners, the­se popu­lar con­tai­ners can be used in a wide varie­ty of ways.


  • Trans­port containers
  • Mate­ri­al sto­rage, tire sto­rage, maga­zi­ne on con­struc­tion sites
  • Mobi­le workshops
  • Con­struc­tion projects
  • Art objects


Wind- and water­tight repai­red, wel­ded, not visual­ly embel­lis­hed - not repain­ted, light to medi­um sur­face rust, slight to medi­um dents and abra­si­ons / over­all good visu­al impression.

Note: Used con­tai­ners are approx. 9-16 years old and are inten­ded for the fur­ther use of approx. 3-5 years or longer/shorter (e.g. as sto­rage or for trans­port over­seas wit­hin approx. 1 year > acc. CSC vali­di­ty). The dura­ti­on of use is stron­gly depen­dent on the wea­ther, the loca­ti­on, the pre­pa­ra­ti­on / main­ten­an­ce of the con­tai­ners (such as renewing the roof paint, etc.), as well as other factors.

We recom­mend new con­tai­ners for lon­ger use.


Depen­ding on the requi­re­ments and area of app­li­ca­ti­on, we also offer various Modifications.




Container type



Outside dimensions (L/W/H)

Internal dimensions (L/W/H)
Door opening (W/H)


Tara weight

Disclaimer of liability


  • Lock Box
  • Lock for lockbox
  • New colo­ring (RAL colors on request)
  • Logo pla­ce­ment
  • Lock for lockbox
  • Various Modi­fi­ca­ti­ons (win­dows, doors, coun­ters, etc.)